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Lot of Livin--from Bye Bye Birdie

The song A Lot of Livin' to Do was written by composer Charles Strouse and lyricist Lee Adams for the Tony Award winning 1960 Broadway production, Bye Bye Birdie.  Actor Dick Gautier sang the song in the play.  In 1963, a film version was produced.  It starred Janet Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, Ann-Margaret, and Jesse Pearson, who played the lead.

Set in 1958, Bye Bye Birdie is based on the real life event of the conscription into the U.S. Army of singer Elvis Presley.  It tells the story of Conrad Birdie (derived from the name of singer-songwriter Conway Twitty), a popular rock and roll singer who also is drafted, breaking the hearts of his fans.  For A Lot of Livin' to Do, the writers probably drew some inspiration from the title of a 1957 Elvis track called Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do! for his film Loving You.  

Strouse and Adams collaborated on many musical theater projects, including All-American (1962), Golden Boy (1964), and Applause (1970).  A Lot of Livin' to Do was recorded by several artists, including Sammy Davis Jr., and Bobby Rydell, who appeared in the play.  

Lot of Livin’

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