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Turn Turn Turn--Pete Seeger / The Byrds:  

Originally written by singer-songwriter Pete Seeger in 1959, the song Turn, Turn, Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) was covered by a number of artists before becoming one of the biggest hits of the 1960s.  

The song lyrics were taken nearly word for word from the first 8 verses of the third chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes from the English version of the Bible.  Since the Book was written between the 3rd and 10th centuries BC, Turn, Turn, Turn! has the distinction of having the oldest lyrics of any modern popular song.

The song was first recorded by The Limeliters in 1962 and then by Seeger himself that same year as a slow folk ballad.  In October of 1965 though, Turn, Turn, Turn! became the second U.S. number one single for the folk rock band, The Byrds, with its plea for peace resonating with the burgeoning “counterculture” movement.  

Turn, Turn, Turn! was brought to the group by guitarist Roger McGuinn (then known as “Jim”), who was briefly a member of the Limeliters. Initially, he had arranged it for Judy Collins for her third album.  A year later, he re-arranged it for The Byrds, adding 3-part vocal harmony and the distinctive sound of a 12-string Rickenbacker electric guitar, giving the song a completely different quality.  The recording proved to be quite a challenge though.  It took the group 78 takes in all before they were willing to release it.

Turn Turn Turn

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