Established 1980

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Last modified 6/18/17

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We wish to share our passion of music whether as singer, student, musician or listener

Notes from the audience

“…we enjoyed the concert, especially the wonderful harmonies of the full chorus. Even for the most challenging selections, the chorus blended beautifully and created many gorgeous sound tapestries.”

“Your variety and excellent performance “

“You are all super! This was fun “

“ A wonderful show overall. Great selections performed to perfection! Thanks to all! “

“Every year gets better and better. Very professional, excellent variety, unified clothing is very appealing, poetry readers great, too. “

“Joyful! Uplifting! Thank you “

“It doesn't seem possible but you get better every year! And I have been coming for at least 20 years! Such fun! “

“Lively and fun – first timer – great program and choice of arrangements – very enjoyable.”

“When Judy first introduced me to Mayflower, I recall that I was skeptical as to how much I might enjoy the choral experience.  What became clear to me over several performances is that it is not just about how much I enjoyed the music, but also about the community that you and Ken have built around you and the way that younger people are encouraged to join and be nurtured in their musical talent.  It’s a blast seeing old faces, and new ones, up on the stage.”

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Mayflower Chorus strives for excellence in all endeavors. We are committed to artistic and musical growth by continuously supporting and improving our musical skills and performances.

We sing to delight and inspire, and to share the passion of music, whether as singer, student, musician or listener.

We believe that in harmony, ordinary people can do extraordinary things

Our Mission Statement

Once again ensembles from the Mayflower Chorus reach out to the community

 Two ensembles from the Mayflower Chorus, Fourth Street Beat and The Wildflowers, will tour skilled nursing facilities in Marin County to bring smiles, laughs to those unable to attend live performances. Fourth Street Beat’s goal is to touch the lives and spirit of the underserved senior, frail , elder and disabled adult population

 "Listening to music is a generally accepted form of relaxation for all. Music helps people cope with loneliness and loss.”[1] Recognizing the special need for these benefits to this population, We believe that using the art form of music to serve this special audience is a worthwhile endeavor

“Music is the most potent and pervasive of all arts. It is the only art form that can satisfy and appeal to the whole being. To put it simply, it does us good.” (Winifred Baker)

[1] Nursing Spectrum Outlook – May 2002