The current Board of Directors is listed under Who's Who.

The Mayflower Choral Society governing body is the Board of Directors. The board meets four times a year to hear from the various committees that do the major work of the chorus, as well as financial reports and new programs or ideas.  The board consists of current chorus members, as well as local business members. 

Board of Directors Mayflower Choral Society

Board meetings, unless otherwise noted, are open to all, and members of the Chorus are encouraged to attend.

Board President Estelle Miller
Vice President Andrei Jigalin

Board Treasurer Juanita Chase
Board Secretary Gretchen Klein

The Executive Committee is made up of the following:

2. To expand the community awareness of/and increase participation in Mayflower Choral Society programs.

The Development Committee is a Choral Society Committee open to all members of the Choral Society and chorus.  The functions of the Development Committee are:

The committee works in conjunction with the other choral society/chorus committees to achieve this goal.

We are always looking for  new ideas.  We meet four times a year.  Please contact a committee member if you have an idea to submit us.  Current members are Michael Ingerman / Chairperson,  Juanita Chase, Elizabeth Heitner, Carolyn Hew, Gretchen Klein, Ken Klein, Mary Sellers.

Publicity and Internet Committees.  The current Publicity chairperson is Suzanne Thompson and the Internet chairperson is Ken Klein.

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  Development Committee

 1. To maintain and develop the financial stability of the Mayflower Choral Society and its subsidiaries.  This is done through grants, corporate strategy/business support, endowments , strengthening The Friends of the Chorus program and developing new fundraising strategies.

Two additional sub-committees report to the Development Committee.

 Benefit Gala Committee and Event

Our annual Benefit Gala held in November is the Choral Society s major source of income, raising over $100,000 in 17 years.  It is a year-long effort, culminating in an event that includes live music for listening and dancing, delicious dinner, entertainment, live and silent auctions, and raffle.    Funds raised support Chorus operations and Choral Society Scholarship Program..

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 Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is composed of the Board Treasurer and at least three (3) other persons, one of whom must be a Board member, who is appointed by the Board President annually in June.  It is the duty of the Committee to prepare a budget for the fiscal year beginning the first day of September, and it must be submitted to the Board of Directors at its regular meeting in September.  The Finance Committee receives the recommended budgets from each of the other committees for analysis and inclusion in the overall budget and meets quarterly to review the Society s balance sheet and make any decisions about financial institutions, interest rates, etc. From time to time, supplements to the budget can be submitted for the current fiscal year.  This ensures that the financial health of our organization is protected.

 Current committee members are:  Juanita Chase Chairperson,   Linda Allen,  Lilli Dreyer,  Gretchen Klein Chorus Treasurer, JoAnne Maxwell, Ken Klein and Carol Randall. 

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 Larry Vargo Dress Circle Award Selection Committee

This committee considers nominees for the Larry Vargo Dress Circle Achievement Award.  This rare award recognizes outstanding and lengthy service to the Society.  Each year, the committee receives and considers nominations from Choral Society members and reports its recommendations to the Board.   

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The membership chair is the liaison between the Director/Chorus Administrator and members regarding musical and management issues, concerns, suggestions, recruitment, etc. (Any requests for confidentiality are honored.)

 The committee is responsible for welcoming new members, informing members about upcoming seasons, distributing telephone lists and preparing change/addition data for the chorus database. When requested, the chair prepares and distributes member surveys for feedback regarding chorus operations.

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The Membership Committee

 Scholarship Committee

The Mayflower Choral Society Scholarship Fund's mission is to benefit people from all walks of life who have exhibited a talent or a strong interest in music and who either want to increase their knowledge, develop that talent to their fullest potential, or achieve both of these goals.

 The Scholarship Committee accepts applications once each year for three to four grants given in three general categories. The categories generically represent the broad spectrum of current and former members of the Chorus, especially those in whose memory donations have been made to the Scholarship Fund over the years. Grants are tno less than $250. Grants are available to all, regardless of Chorus Membership, but are limited to those 16 years of age and older. The categories for scholarship awards are vocal performance, arrangement and composition, and choral direction.

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The Show Committee is made up of Linda Allen, Chairperson, and any Chorus member who wants to be involved. 

§  Extra blocking rehearsals are held as needed. 

§  A chorus member or outside person writes the script.

§  75-100 pieces might be gathered to find 12-13 choral pieces for the chorus to perform.  Music samples are pulled from Chorus files or preview copies are purchased.  Once Daniel makes his final choices, the music is ordered. 

§  Sign-ups for solos and small groups and also for speaking parts begin. 

§  The set committee begins designing and painting the set. 

§  Section recordings are made. 

§  Singing and speaking parts auditions are scheduled. 

§  Musicians are selected. 

§  Performance volunteer positions are filled. 

§  Show videotaping is scheduled. 

§  Flyers and post cards are designed, printed and distributed. 

§  Show idea/music suggestion forms are submitted continually throughout the season by chorus members and the committee reviews the submissions, selects an idea, makes a list of music suggestions and begins to collect music to be given to Daniel for evaluation and selection.  (This process happens up to 12 months before a show).

§  The publicity photo shoot is scheduled. 

§  Choreography and show attire are planned. 

§  Script rehearsals are held. 

§  Publicity is arranged. 

§  Program advertising and show sponsors are solicited. 

§  Tickets and programs are laid out and printed. 

§  Show week arrives we move into the theatre for set up and dress rehearsal with musicians.  Theatre performances run Friday and Saturday, with striking of the set after the Saturday performance. Sunday is the church concert. 

§  We enjoy a cast party following the close of the church concert and then prepare to start all over again for the next season!

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Show Committee/Show Production

We provide financial aid to members who might have difficulty paying the $75 dues and music fee each season, and depend on extra donations by other members to keep this "Angel Fund" going.  Those who use the fund show their appreciation for the consideration given them by volunteering time to the Chorus, thereby contributing to the well-being of the entire organization. 

Joni’s Angel Fund

The main purpose of the Sunshine Person is to send caring cards to any chorus member or family member, in regards to any special health concerns, as well as cards in regards to very special occasions. 

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Sunshine Person

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