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Written by George Harrison of The Beatles  in April of 1969, Here Comes the Sun would become one of his most beloved songs.  At the time, Harrison was growing increasingly frustrated by the bureaucracy surrounding Apple, the record label formed by the famous band, and decided to skip one of their business meetings.  Instead, he went to the house of his close friend, Eric Clapton, in Ewhurst, Surrey, borrowed an acoustic guitar, and wrote the song outside in the sunlit garden.  The lyrics reflect both feelings of joy with the arrival of spring and temporary relief from business affairs.

The song was recorded in key of A major and features some very unusual time signatures, particularly in the bridge, which includes a sequence of 11/8 + 4/4 + 7/8, undoubtedly drawn from Harrison's interest in Indian classical music.

Music critics and historians have written that the melody is on a par with the greatest songs written by his band-mates, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  Interestingly, Lennon did not appear on the track because he was recovering from an automobile accident.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios between 7 July and 19 August 1969, Here Comes the Sun became the opening track on the second side of the Beatles' last recorded album, Abbey Road.  It has been covered numerous times, most notably by Richie Havens, George Benson, Booker T and the MG's, Peter Tosh, and Nina Simone.

Here Comes the Sun--The Beatles 1HereComesthe Sun (1).mp3